Woman Walks Free After Battering 6 Month Old Baby

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In what can only be described as more lunacy from the UK justice system, a woman from Perthshire Scotland walks free from court after being found guilty of battering a toddler. Shannon Soutter attacked the child while she was “caring” for her. The attacks took place over a two-month period in which the child suffered broken ribs, ankles and a fractured skull. This has left the child with brain injuries and may also have permanent blindness. After one attack, remember this was over a two-month period, she complained that she had missed a haircut appointment. This sick person was more concerned about her hair than that of a child.

Shannon Soutter

This young child has had her life ruined at the hands of this woman. Sure the physical injuries will heal but the brain and blindness will leave her with a very poor quality of life. So how did the Scottish courts handle her? They let her walk free. Sure she got 300 hours community service, but she has deprived this child of a normal life and gets to keep hers. Scotland is a liberal hellhole run by the SNP. Scottish National Party. They are communists in disguise.

The judge in her case, Lord Turnbull, who seriously needs his head examining has for some reason taken pity on her. In passing the pityful sentence he said

” She punishes herself daily and will continue to do so. I think there is little the court can do by way of punishment that is greater than what she has imposed on herself. In light of factors and the clearly vouched mental health difficulties, I am satisfied the public duty does not require me to pass a sentence which would incarcerate Miss Soutter. The circumstances are so unusual that a degree of understanding, and some mercy, leads to the conclusion it is neither appropriate or necessary to impose a custodial sentence.”

Lord Turnbull,

This guy is not fit for office. He thinks that this woman feeling a bit bad about herself is worse than what the law can do to punish her. Really? How about put her in a room with some mothers who have lost babies to monsters like this. They would give her a real punishment. Yes, the public would very much like for you to lock these people up but you lot refuse. It is of course VERY appropriate and necessary to impose a custodial sentence. Seriously she is a danger. She attacked a 6-month-old baby over a two-month period and you think she doesn’t need locking up? Clown world.

One attack was so bad that the child was found limp and lifeless by her father. She was grasping for air and was rushed to Ninewells Hospital in Dundee. The prosecutor said ”She was gasping for breath breathing around four times a minute.” The child almost died if not for the medical staff. On the way to hospital this monster complained that she might miss her hairdressers appointment. It was at the hospital that staff noticed the childs broken ribs which they said were fractures of “differing ages”. A police investigation was launched and also by social services. This led to Shannons arrest. The injuries came from Shannon shaking and gripping her so tight she broke her ribs. Yet this waste of space judge let her walk free.

One has to wonder if this was a male would the judge have been so very lenient. Of course not. In 2016 a man slapped and bit his girlfriends toddler and was jailed for 18 months ( out in 9 ). https://metro.co.uk/2019/03/23/man-jailed-slapping-biting-girlfriends-child-8996140/

Am I saying he shouldn’t have been sent down? Of course not. Anyone that attacks a child should be but to have this judge let her walk after a prolonged attack on a child is sickening. Feminists harp on about “quality” all the time but never when it comes to crimes. Funny that but we know they are after superiority and not equality. So yet again the extreme liberal System has failed another child. The needs of the victim have been pushed aside so the needs of the perpetrator can be met.

The weakness of these people will be punished. For every child you fail you will pay. Its is time to say enough is enough. It is time to act.

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