Welsh Man Faces No Charges Over Swastika

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A 55 year old Neath man will face now further action from the CPS for having a Swastika on his house. He was arrested on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence. Some people had seen it from the A474 flyover and got offended because current year. Pictures were posted on social media and the police got involved. South Wales Police said a file of evidence was submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service who decided no further action should be taken against the man.

So exactly how big was this file and what was in it? All he had done was put up a flag.

Neath South county councillor Jamie Evans said: ‘Everyone in Neath was absolutely disgusted by it. ‘To say now that you can put a massive swastika on the side of your house and for no further action to be taken is absolutely ridiculous, sorry. ‘We are living in times where there’s a rise of the far right and it’s enabling these people to think it’s alright to post signs of Nazism. ‘It absolutely sends out the wrong message. ‘Wales is an open, tolerant country where everybody is welcome, so to have no action taken over a Nazi flag being displayed which represents anti-Semitism is abhorrent.’

Of course he has done nothing wrong yet the local virtue signallers come out with their buzz words “far right” “open” “tolerant” etc. Not open to National Socialists though are we?

While I welcome this small win for free speech in the UK it is going to get a lot worse here. And soon. So Sir, if you see this post you are most welcome on the site and on the new forum I will be annoucing soon.

Hail Victory.


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