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As you may have seen I have written anything for a while. That will change. I am in the middle of moving house and when I have moved I will be without internet for six days. This will give me some time to catch up on some books and plan a few new articles. I want to do a few on prepping for the coming boogaloo. I will also upload some more audio books. Maybe some GLR next.

I have been adding some Impartial Truth videos to the Bitchute channel and will be adding lots more. We live in exciting times. So till next time. Never lose hope.


  • Yo bruv keep up the good work, we have started to see what internet censorship can do and we are seeing a rise in censorship across the board, the false elite want the internet controlled and while it is still free, we have got to spread the truth. It is a mad race to wake up folk before the final form of this tyranny is being revealed. God bless!

    • Cheers Sterie. As we know we will have to move to decentralized platforms soon. I will re make the RIOT server, so we can move from Discord as our days there are numbered. I will be writing about this soon too. Software and platforms to use. But first move house. God bless brother.

  • Nice web site. Very crisp and clean.

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