UK Migrant “Crisis”

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So far this year over 1000 migrants have crossed the channel from France. Of course that is only the ones we know about that the System has deemed we should know about. The real number will be far higher. And yes this is fully manufactured just like the 2015 “migrant crisis”. Just as Germany warns of a new “crisis”.

So let’s take a look at the migrants that have crossed from France to the UK. In August alone 336 migrants crossed the channel. More than all of 2018 when 297 crossed. That number of 336 is proof alone of the System manufacturing this. It starts with the “33”. The System loves 33.

  • First weekend of August 50 migrants came
  • A group of 24 were stopped at Winchelsea Beach
  • On August 28 alone, 64 people were stopped off the coast in five boats

British territorial waters extend 12 miles from the UK coast, and if boats cross that line they cannot be turned back. So the French side of the System does nothing and then the UK side of the System picks them up in our waters and brings them here. This is why on 10th September the UK picked up 86 migrants. This is now officially a taxi service. They can’t replace us if they don’t allow these into the country.

This migrant invasion has been going on since at least the end of WW2. It was then they told us we need them to rebuild the country after the war. Now we need then to fill the work place, I know I know, because of our failing birth rates. They will apparently pay for my pension. Under the Labour government of Tony Blair they actually went out to look for migrants to bring them here.

Of course Peter Mandleson is a Jew. If you are shocked by this slap yourself. So this 1000 so far this year is just a drop in the ocean. Also these are official figures. Real figures could be much higher. But but we have Boris and Brexit you say. Boris will do nothing. Immigration will continue to climb. Brexit will be betrayed. We will not leave the EU. In name only.

Boris the Jew

Does this Jew look like he has the UK’s best interests at heart? Or will he bow to his masters in Israel? We of course know what will happen. All (((Boris))) will do is make it hard for our European cousins to come here while inviting all the brown people from the Sub Sahara and middle east. The browning of the UK must continue. The EU Freedom of Movement was NEVER for Europeans. It was designed to allow the invaders the right to go anywhere in Europa. But Brexit. Not happening. It will be name only. We will still have zero control over out borders.

So Britain get ready for more invaders. More mass rapes. More diversity and enrichment. In case you haven’t realised it yet there is NO political solution. All 650 MPs are your enemy. They all want you replaced with brown people. We have one chance to save our country but with each passing day I see it slip further away. As my folk slip into apathy and fear of the System that hates them I see no future left. One chance Britain. Take it or she is gone.

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