They’re not white they’re Jewish

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Starting a little series showing the Jews on Twitter with their anti-white hatred. Lots of these Jews are blue check verified and have lots of followers. The vile racism spreads far and wide and yet Twitter does nothing to remove the tweets or accounts. Whereas if you or I posted anti-Semitic tweets we would lose our account instantly. I will also be making a mini video series to go along with this over on World Truth Video.

Jews hatred of whites is called Loxism. The meme below explains it well. So let’s all enjoy what the Jew has to say about “fellow white people”.

“Fellow white people”. Not being racist isn’t good enough. You must “accept your privilege”. Like the privilege of the Jew to be as racist as they want with no come back.

Can’t trust a “fellow white person” but as a Jew welcomes the stranger.

Hating whites = best Jew I can be.

BBC actress hates white men and is openly Jewish. If you are stupid enough to fund the BBC you pay for her hate of you.

Feels hopeless about her white privilege but grew up Jewish. I wonder where that anti-Semitism came from? Surely it had nothing to do with you?

Is embarrassed to be a white male in America. Is also a Jew. Which one Sholomo?

Doesn’t want you to have free speech and thinks all whites standing up for white interests are “Nazis” and “Supremacists”. Also wants more gold stars. I have one for you.

Thinks trump is a White Supremacist ( if only ) and all his supporters are the same and assholes. Also a he is a jew.

Are we shocked anymore?

This is just a small selection. I will make regular postings. Please share and download the pics and post everywhere. The Jew fears being exposed so lets all stoke those fears and drive them into the shaddows.

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