They’re Not White They’re Jewish Pt 2

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Another instalment of shape shifting Jews. It is important to keep a record of Jewish hatred for Whites and to share with as many people as possible.

I loathe being called a white woman. I’m Russian Jewish.

>Fellow white women

>Fellow Jews

>Pick one

Fellow white people X3. I’m Jewish.

White people must do more. I’m a Jewish degenerate.

I am white and English. I’m Jewish you spoon.

White women we are trash. As a jew……

Fellow white women be better. I’m an Orthodox Jewish freak.

I’m so white and whites please shut up. I too am a Jewish freak.

I’m a Christian yet my family is Jewish and perverted.

It’s all so tiresome.

I hate white people. I am Jewish. You don’t say.

I’m a privileged white woman. As Jews blah blah holohoax.

White middle class privilege. I am a Jew muh holohoax.

Can you see the pattern? How they claim to be white to tell whites they are all evil and should not be pro white? Then switch it over to I am a Jew. Expose these rats at every change you get. Loxism is real and alive in the Jew. They hate you just for being white.

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