The Jew Doesn’t Like Us

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So the normal running of this server is very low overhead. With all my sites on the same server, for now, they all work fine and are quite fast as the hosting company is very good. The scrot below will show the average RAM usage.

All is good. The server obviously runs on GNU/Linux so is good on RAM use and serves the site quickly. So you can imagine my shock when yesterday my sites were slow, very slow, and I was getting lots of 503 errors. RAM use was through the roof. Over 700MB.

Why yesterday? Why the sudden spike in RAM? Take a wild guess. Yesterday was the rather pathetic synagogue attack and I was reporting on it. Someone wasn’t too happy about it. It was only when MNR showed me this scrot that we knew what was going on.

Her site, , had been hit over 100 times in quick succession by an Israeli actor. So I went and had a look at mine. Guess what I found?

Yep. Tel Aviv was hitting us. Hard. The sites had come to a crawl.

That is 235 hits from them when we caught it. I had to ban the IP just to get the site back under control. So a gentle reminder that no matter how “big” you are if you are naming the Jew, are pro white and love your volk then you have a target on you. Remember to keep good IT Sec at all times. I will eventually do an article on this.

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