The Death of Diversity

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I never did like the “Amerimutt” image.
Mostly because it isn’t even close to what a White American looks like. The “Le 56% Face” looks like a fat bald Hispanic man, and it was created by a Brazilian, which is the very definition of miscegenation.
I say this is not what an American looks like, but it is definitely the intended appearance if the bankers in International Finance have their way. Understand that to a banker money is everything. GDP growth is everything. Market size is everything, Market share is everything and access to foreign markets and labor is everything.
And borders, language, culture, race, tradition? Those are obstacles at worst and nothing at all at best.
They’d burn the entire planet to ashes if it got them a little bit more growth. Growth for its own sake is their guiding principle and it is the philosophy of a tumor, though I doubt they understand that, or how they are in fact a cancer upon society.
Just as toxic are the Globalists who somehow imagine that all Humanity will become a fireside song and dance the moment races (most especially the “evil” White races) are done away with. This short-sighted (nearly blind) understanding of Human Nature would be laughable if they weren’t so jarringly committed to this special brand of foolishness.
Humans are what Humans are; there will be wars (with or without race and religion as most wars are economic in nature and always have been for the most part) and yes there will at times be genocides, but it is worth noting that genocides only seem to occur when two other groups are inhabiting the same piece of property. If you put a nice border up, the problem often vanishes, so long as both sides respect the boundary.
It works even better if you have a fence or a wall, but that is a discussion for another day, perhaps.

This was written as an appropriate response to claims that we, as White Nationalists, are racist, and I do hope that it serves that function.

We do not hate the people that are not like us, we simply respect their differences and demand the same of our own. 
Your definition of multiculturalism is probably an incorrect one, in fact yours is most likely the exact opposite. The forceful integration of multiple cultures results in the consumption of their own, and the dilution (or complete death) of the original, which is akin to genocide; often actual genocides result along with a great deal of civil unrest.
The separation of cultures, which are in fact capable of being passive neighbors, is the best path for mankind; in this manner we preserve the homelands and traditions and values of people and maintain the marvel of Human development.
Occasionally when I try to drill this into someone’s head I am told that “Race doesn’t matter, ideas matter” but that is where these folks have stumbled.

Race and culture, are intertwined; one can’t seriously claim that each race does not have it’s definitive cultural type.
People are different, we are not all the same, and it is better that way. To be the exact same as all the people in the world is a depressing thought, and one which only a truly evil mind could conceive as having any benefit.
If we’re all forced into one giant mixer, expected to breed outside of our people, where is the “multiculturalism” then? It’s gone forever, along with cultures. There are no cultures to speak of, only mankind, denuded of his flavor and stripped of a cultural identity. What an ugly world this would be.
Who could want to create such a world?
Who could even WANT such a world?

Multicultural Globalists and International Finance are the racists, for they would exterminate all diversity in the name of their nebulous and unattainable goals, not us.
We just want to defend our people and to protect what they would destroy; we’re even protecting the other races and cultures , in time.

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