The Brexit “deal” By (((Boris)))

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Here are the details of the Brexit deal reached by Boris Johnson and the EU. As we go through them you will understand why the EU likes it. This is NOT Brexit. This makes the UK worse off than before. This letter is from a UK lawyer who has hidden his name for reasons.

Lets go through some of the most important points and see if this is the UK leaving in anyway, shape or form.

  1. The EU is still in control. They hold all the power. Boris is a coward and a traitor. We used to hang traitors.
  2. We can not make a trade deal that would be better than one with an EU country. The EU is still controlling our trade.
  3. The EU can sue the UK if we offer a better tax rate to attract business to the UK.
  4. The CFP, Common Fisheries Policy, is still in effect. The EU still controls our fishing. This is for the duration of the “transition period” which can be extended. At present the UK is only allowed 40% of our own fishing grounds. This will continue.
  5. The EU will decide on matters relating to our military. If something is in our favour and national interest but not in the EUs we can’t do it. Our troops will also be commanded by the European Defence Agency, the EU army we were told wasn’t happening, much like the US army is controlled by Israel. Sent to fight and die for a foreign nation.
  6. The EU will control our foreign policy to make sure the EUs comes first.
  7. Will we pay £39 billion and more to the EU for the pleasure of this.
  8. We have no rights to dispute any of this and must just take it.
  9. EU and its employees are given complete immunity, yes even for crime, and can ignore tax. Marvellous.
  10. The EU graciously allows us to send someone to watch when the EU passes a law that will harm the UK but we will have no say in it. We must just take it up the arse.

So this is the “deal” that will allow us to leave the EU. Doesn’t much look like leaving to me. So on October 31st we are leaving no matter what. Remember (((Boris))) said that ” he’d rather be dead in a ditch ” than ask the (((EU))) for an extension.

So that is settled. Oh wait what;s this?

The clown show continues. The third date for leaving the (((EU))) has come and will go. The 31st of January will come and go and still not deliver Brexit. Remember according to the System the UK voted to leave. We will never leave. So what is next? Oh joy. Another General (S)election. The second (s)election in a year. Another chance for the sheeple to play their part in the System. To think they are making a difference. I, of course, will not be taking part. If the last 3 years alone haven’t shown you that your vote doesn’t matter then I can’t help you. This is all leading upto a new referendum. I will call the result now because its all fake. The UK will vote to remain. This “reslut” will of course be respected as the will of the people.

So on the 12th December or 9th December, no one knows, we get an early Christmas gift from the System. We get to pretend we have a voice. I predict (((Boris))) to “win” so the show can go on. Then when Brexit is stopped we will have another in which Comrade Corbyn from the UK Communist….. sorry Labour Party will win. The UK will then have socialism forced upon us and the (((EU))) gets its army so it can control the people of Europa.

So it carries on. Nothing happens. Nothing changes. The nation is divided and is sleep walking into the genocide of our people. Get used to the idea that Brexit is never happening. (((They))) will never allow it. If you want it you will have to fight for it and take it by force. The fake nationalists like the Brexit Party, who are fully controlled, will not help. There is no political solution.

Only radical National Socialism can save the UK. You are not voting your way out. You are fighting your way out.

Hail Victory

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  • Same shit of equality is destroying the ARYAN race in the States. There is no end in sight. As a proud ARYAN brother I see the need to unit the brotherhood and reclaim our role as the Supperior Race. It is shameful the innerbreading and mixing of our blood, largely promoted by the Jews as they seek control once and for all. We need victory Bruders.

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