State Enforced Anal Sex Lessons

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Parents are to lose their right to remove their children from Sex Ed classes under new rules from the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG). This wouldn’t be too bad if the classes were just about normal sex. But these classes will also focus on degenerate sex. Gay, Lesbian and Bi. Education Minister Kirsty Williams says the new relationships and sexuality education (RSE) will be inclusive of all genders, and sexualities and meet the needs of the LGBTQWERTY crowd. Guess who was behind the scenes shouting loudest to teach children filth and perversion then. Of course there only 2 genders and the only normal, healthy sexuality is male with female. Now though young children will be taught filth.

They want to introduce it at the primary level first. Going after the young ones. Primary schools in the UK are for children aged 5 and up to 11, depending on the school. This new curriculum will be teaching very impressionable young children that there are more than 2 genders, that you can change your gender and that fag sex is good and healthy. This is Welsh Labour. They never met a degenerate cause they didn’t like. Of course just like their parent party, UK Labour, they are also socialists. The leader Mark Drakeford is an admitted socialist. So they want to be able to teach your children vile things without you having a say in it.

Education Secretary Kirsty Williams

Education Secretary Kirsty Williams said the days of traditional sex education were long gone.

“Sex should never be taught in isolation for the simple reason that it is about so much more than just sex; it’s also about relationships, rights and respect and that must go hand in hand with a much broader understanding of sexuality,” she said.

A broader understanding of sexuality. Mmm. It will include advice on how to teach a range of topics such as education for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex pupils. As you can see they will teach fag sex, that boys can be girls and other filth. To children as young as 5. The fag agenda was NEVER about equal rights but about targetting children to get the next gen of homos.

Simple. You just take your child out of the lessons. Not so fast. This is compulsory and parents will be denied the right to decide what is best for their children. State knows best. Kirsty Williams thinks she knows what is best for child and that is for your child to be told that gay sex is good. No word on a punishment if you do take your child out but you can bet it will be some sort of fine. Of course for whites only. They wont dare punish Muslim, Jew or blacks for this.

The only answer, and one I’ve been saying for a while now, is to homeschool your kids. Seriously. Get them out of the government indoctrination centres and teach them yourselves. There are plenty of resources online to help with this.

State enforced globohomo is here. It’s up to you how you respond to this. Fags can’t have children naturally, so they are coming for yours. This is UK wide and Drumpf will do the same in the US. The gay push is happening everywhere and its time to stand and say NO MORE. You will not poison our childrens minds.


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