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As of today MNR and Soldat Alb have their own Romanian based site. Its called Baricada and is a nationalist project that was born in the summer of 2019 in order to train the young generation in the fight against the Romanian Occupation.

“We are not a political organization!

The barricade is not an organization, movement or political party, but it is an editorial that tries to encourage the young Romanian to take a more serious and good attitude against the Occupation. The young Romanian needs models and determination to take this fight to a much more serious level than the others do.”

So do pop on over and check them out. Whether you are Romanian or not. You can help just by sharing what they post. They will also still be writing for Shitlords Org too.

The ZOG needs to be confronted and this will be an important first step in getting the youth of Romania involved.

Salutare Victorie



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