Raped by 500 Pakis Cops Prosecute Her

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For 7 years she was raped by Pakis. Beaten and raped by up to 10 men every night. Trafficked at gun point. Thank fuck we banned guns. She moved to Telford at the age of 11. She met a lad of her age who introduced her to his older cousin. His friends started gang raping her. 11 years old. She started skipping school and when social got involved they didn’t want to know. Typical. Anything for an easy life with them. Two years of skipping school and the teachers were also of no help. Telling her it was a waste of time her coming back. “I walked straight out of the gates and never went back. From that point, no one asked a single question.”

After this she got targeted by an older man who would control her for the next four years. He would traffick her around the country at gun point and sell her to up to 10 men a night to rape her. Of course this person was known to the police as a sex trafficker but as usual when it comes to brown people they did fuck all. Her mother told the police what was happening and nothing was done.

Jennifer (not her real name) goes on: “I was driven to a town in the Midlands and made to watch as an older girl was sold for sex. I was in my school skirt and cardigan. The first time I was arrested was shortly afterwards, in the same town. I told police I was from Telford and no one questioned why I was miles from home in the middle of the night.” Yep you read that right. The police arrested her. Not the filthy pedos abusing children. No. They arrested the children instead. The police accused her of being a prostitute and arrested her. She went to court many times for this while they did nothing to the actual abusers. You have to wonder if the police were also involved with the abuse.

“One man dragged me into an industrial estate to rape and beat me. I screamed, praying someone could hear me. I thought he was going to kill me. There was a light on in a cellar and I was convinced that was where he’d dump my body.

“He picked up a handful of gravel and stuffed my mouth with it and held my nose, so I would be quiet. I said, ‘Are you going to kill me? My mum will report me as a missing person’. Somehow, it made him stop.” If she didn’t do what they wanted they would beat her. Sometimes so badly that she would choke on her own blood.

She adds: “He also locked me in a flat with iron bars, for three or four days. I was told the police thought I’d been abducted but they did nothing.”

Jennifer says she went to police soon after she turned 17. But she claims: “I was told to have a good think about how I’d look in court. I knew then no one would believe me.”

There was little support for Jennifer at home. She says: “My mum didn’t understand what was going on and she believed it was my fault. After going to the police once, she kept quiet, which was the wrong thing to do because my abusers thrived on her silence. She was embarrassed and ashamed. Our relationship has never recovered.”

She was convicted 52 times and fined heavily by the time she was 19 all for the crime of being raped and pimped out by Pakis. And what happened to the guy doing all of this to her? He was in custody for 4 months and then the case collapsed.

He turned up at her door with a shotgun. She says: “I told him I was pregnant by another man and he didn’t attack me that day. But he was furious I wouldn’t have an abortion and that’s when I overdosed.”

So a good job by the police and they wonder why the public hates them. But they have a history of this. Another young girl was found, in the early hours, in a derelict house with a group of Pakis and the police arrested her.

So why do the police, which are meant to protect and serve the public fail so badly at their one and only job? Two words.

Common Purpose calls itself a charity that is empowering leaders. Reality is very different. It is nothing but unadulterated Cultural Marxism. All of the top brass in the police go through this and also a lot of top politicians. This will require an article all of its own but here is a link to get you started.


There are many, many stories like this poor girl. All failed by the police, social, council and government. All knew and did nothing. Lots were even involved in these crimes. All will pay on the Day Of The Rope.

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