Solutia Politica

Hits: 61Mișcările de mase, care susțin a fi naționaliste, pretind că pot câștiga lupta împotriva ZOG-ului (care s-ar traduce prin Sistemul Sionist de Ocupație) fără un efort fizic, ci doar cu efort „intelectual”. Mereu dau argumente care nu au nici un sens și pot fi ușor demontate. Putem să observăm că aceste mișcări, sau partide, … Read moreSolutia Politica


Hits: 49As you may have seen I have written anything for a while. That will change. I am in the middle of moving house and when I have moved I will be without internet for six days. This will give me some time to catch up on some books and plan a few new articles. … Read moreUPDATE


Hits: 1973London UK possibly the worlds most watched city. More so than in Communist China. As there are no official bodies to count the amount of cameras, who would trust them anyway, there are some informed estimates. These range in number from 4.9 million to 5.9 million or 1 camera for every 11 to 14 … Read more1984

Chimp out

Hits: 48Somewhere in the US of A. I don’t know the back story but it’ll be something like ” She looked at my man ” or ” She stole my weave “. Whatever the story is this shows that the 75 IQ have real problems fitting in to society. So enjoy the chimp out but … Read moreChimp out

Drama and Zionist Influence in the Alt-Right Movement

Hits: 244That the alt-right is full of Jews, faggots, transsexuals, and all of society’s rejections do not be surprised. And if they do not fit into any of those categories, certainly the alt-right members are “former liberals” who “tasted the red pill”, like BakedAlaska, who worked for Vice. For a pleasant reading I recommend the … Read moreDrama and Zionist Influence in the Alt-Right Movement