Keep Pushing The White Kids

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I am given to surfing all along the internet. I love information and sometimes I get curious about what life is like outside our unique little echo chamber. In one of those little searches I discovered a woman planning a so-called “March Against Whiteness”. The event was canceled, however. Probably because of the comments section. I have to admit, it was quite a White Pill to read those comments, and I wish she hadn’t taken down her post. Some of that material was better than anything I’ve ever written and those reviewers were SAVAGE. Goys, you’re not alone, they censor us to keep us scattered and they sick the feds on us to keep us afraid; because they fear an awakening.
It’s too late for those measures, though. The Goyim know.
It is beyond clear that the Jewish financed political race-hustlers have declared war against Whites. I could in fact build this entire editorial around quotes, tweets and editorials and it would probably run several pages on that alone. Twitter and Tumblr both abound with loxist material, and any readers interested in it has only to search. Truly, I have a rather impressive collection of screenshots myself. Enough to convince me that hatred of European people, we’ll just call them “Whites” has become publicly acceptable in an effort to harm the White people and deprive them of their homelands.
These are by the way, the same Whites who created the nations and systems from which these hook-nosed vermin benefit in an almost entirely parasitic fashion. The systems and infrastructure built by Whites are what these parasites have embedded themselves into and without these systems the kikes would have to go somewhere else.
The European and his American cousin have done more for freedom and liberty and opportunity than any other, and it is in the face of the European and the American that these greedy hook-nosed kikes and their ugly black or brown golems now sneer and spit.
More and more Whites are waking up from their European or American dream to find that it is a nightmare which awaits us in the waking world of our kosher reality; and even I cannot imagine the sort of backlash that is in wait for this filth. Truly, when the hammer finally falls, the kike will pray that the number stops at a mere six million, but I wouldn’t get too hopeful, were I them; because this time, there will be nowhere to run to. It is said that “The Jew will always tell you what was done to him, but he will never tell you why.” This time, there will be no need to, the internet changed the world and information travels at near-light speed. The whole world knows what the Jew is and it is only a matter of time before the whole world grows sick of Odium Humani Generis.
They are going to eventually burn in Hell for what they’ve done. America is OUR land. Europe is OUR land. America by right of conquest and Europe by right of blood and soil!
Now, the kikes in Finance are pushing to open our gates to every nigger, spic, or rag-head that couldn’t manage to build a civilization in his own society but thinks to steal the ones we’ve built in ours; and there is no end to the nefarious excuses and lies the heeb will tell to justify this theft. Everything from “Muh charity” to “Muh Holocaust” to “Muh injuns” to “Muh melting pot” to “Muh stolen land,” none of which are a good enough reason to open our borders to people who wish to outnumber, displace, destroy, and replace us and have openly stated their goal as doing so. You’ll have to excuse me if the future of my people is more important than a legion of third world sub-humans who can’t figure out the basics of civilization after tens of thousands of years of practice.
All of this is intended to increase our population in a poor and myopic attempt to achieve some short-term growth to slake their own infinite thirst for more money, and a seemingly genetic desire to destroy Europeans!
They’ll kill entire civilizations for their own stupid Jewish greed and loxism!
The game is nearly over though, and given how aggressively the ADL and the Zionist controlled Deep-State are pushing their narratives, and the speed at which these subversives are seeking to disarm the populace, I’d say that they sense it, too. The American Intifada will not be stopped by gun control, though, and an American Intifada IS the unavoidable outcome, whether anyone wants it or not. Their own parasitic and vile behavior has made it a historical inevitability.
I hope it hurts.
The European, no matter which continent he dwells upon, is the ultimate Human Being. He WILL rule eternal, no matter the circumstances, no matter the subversions, no matter the betrayals, the outcome is clear, and to those who try to change that: Your days are numbered; not all Whites are self-hating liberals.
You’d do well to remember who destroyed you before. Who burned Jerusalem and pillaged your shitty little temple. Who enslaved you and forced you to live in ghettos, who expelled you parasites more than two hundred of the 360 times you’ve been expelled. Who crushed the spics and red-skins beneath their booted feet and then forced the niggers to clean those boots.
Now that we have FINALLY decided to give peace a chance with you animals, you want to talk about “Deconstructing Whiteness” and “Decolonizing” OUR labor and “Instituting reparations” and a host of other loxist foolishness?
I’ve got news for you: That isn’t going to happen.
Keep pushing the White kids, you might find out that they have something for you.

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