Jews and Niggers to join forces

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So it has been announced that the Jews and Blacks will create the Congressional Caucus on Black-Jewish Relations. The pretence is to counter “White Nationalism”. The Jews helped form the NAACP and also were involved in the Civil Rights movement. This is yet another wedge being driven in by the Jews.

Whites have helped the Blacks in America with so much. Affirmative action and all sorts of groups some government funded to advance the rights of Blacks that whites are not allowed to have. So now we see Jews are trying to ever deepen the divide while hiding the fact that they are the ones behind it all.

It is time for Blacks to wake up and see the real issues. That by working with Whites they could rid the US of the JQ and really make America Great Again.

Remember that while Jews decry White Nationalism as something evil they are allowed Jewish Nationalism in Palestine. Even the US government helps them to have an ethnostate. Nationalism for them but not for you Goyim.

Must be nice to be able to fuck up a country and then have a homeland to go and run too.

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