Halle is not what you are told in the press

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Before you go through the article, you need to look at the entire attack, which was broadcast live on Twitch:


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Stephan Balliet, “neo-Nazi” and “terrorist”

The attack took place on October 9, during the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur, considered the most holy feast of the Jews, in the city of Halle in East Germany, in an area where ‘extreme Nazi demonstrations’ had been reported. The attack was committed by 27-year-old Stephan Balliet, later identified as a ‘dangerous neo-Nazi’. He was reported in the press as a detained man and living with his mother. Although Stephan has decided to kill Jews, he cannot kill any Jew. Stephan Balliet fails to open the synagogue doors … and the Jews have time to lock the doors. In the synagogue it was first reported that there were about 70.80 Jews, but the exact number was 51 (including 10 Americans). Stephan Balliet fails to do anything he has set out to do, which is to kill all the Jews in the synagogue and throw grenades into a Jewish cemetery. After a long string of failures, a passerby spoke to him. Absolutely for no reason he shot the gentle passage. Stephan Balliet made his own weapons using a 3D printer. Stephan Balliet leaves the synagogue for a Turkish Kebab Shop where he shoots an employee. During the ‘attack’ no weapon works well except for the gentle shots. After he leaves Kebab Shop, an exchange of fire with the police follows and he is injured. Stephan Balliet manages to steal a taxi and run to a freeway, but is caught after he complains he is a loser and collides with a truck.

During the pseudo-attack he wore a helmet with a camera attached, just like the Jew who committed the pseudo-attack in Christchurch. Stephan Balliet left behind a manifesto and two more documents.

The first extremely dubious thing is one of the documents left behind by Stephan, who is called “Read This Before.”

Thank you for always good anon.
Link to the live stream: https://www.twitch.tv/spilljuice
There is one person I want to thank in particular. This is Mark, the former BO of 8ch / v / and owner of vch.moe. His kind donation of 0.1 bitcoin helped me a lot. He should be really annoyed right now of course. I just wanted to kill the shreds and promised myself I wouldn’t call him. You know what?
Fuck, dirty Jew.
If this person really exists in the RL (rl – real life). He could be a CIAnigger (that’s how suspicious people who expose and instigate, so they seem undercover agents are named on the internet in certain circles) trying to radicalize and stage people online,
for all I know. I mean, what a fucking Jew would give free money?

There was a 2015 article statement of a guy who signed Josh and worked at 8chan. (https://medium.com/@josh8chan/why-i-quit-8chan-former-lead-developer-tells-all-e67b3a4891f7) It is interesting that this Josh draws attention to Mark’s behavior, and explains how he abuses his function, attacking users and disclosing their personal data. Moreover, he says about Mark that he is a pretty rich guy. Josh also says that the FBI has access to users’ IPs and that the NSA is also involved through Red Hat (which was recently acquired by IBM).

There is already the possibility that Stephan was actually recruited and trained for services. More ‘white terrorism’ is exactly what they want.

Hi! My name is Anon and I think the holocaust didn’t happen. Feminism is the cause of the decline of Western society and is used as a scapegoat for mass migration. The cause of all these problems are the Jews. Do you want to be friends?

By using the term ‘anon’ it is clear that Stephan refers to the chans. Let us not forget that after the fake Christchurch attack, the New Zealand government demanded control of the internet and warned that those places radicalize ‘incel’ (incel: a person who unintentionally practices celibacy, that is, a man who does not know how to interact with women and who spends a lot of time online. ).

The discussions after Christchurch: https://www.bitchute.com/video/KQnU6yUG2zui/

After the event in Christchurch 8chan disappeared.

The second dubious thing is that they wanted to ban 3D printers, and the fact that Stephan used the gun removed from the 3D printer is perfect for them. He presents the weapons in his manifesto or where he specified that as many anti-whites, preferably Jews, should be killed.


The third dubious thing was that the wooden doors of the synagogue proved impenetrable, though .. Stephan fired at them. Somehow the Jews realized they were being attacked immediately, and barricaded the doors with chairs. Nor is it suspicious that there were 10 American Jews inside.

Fourth suspicious thing: as the doors could not be opened, the ‘Aryan soldier’ shot a white woman … or not. It is unclear what is going on there and it seems very false the whole scene .. and in the end how the hell do you get from wanting to kill jews to shooting a white woman who was passing there .. it is ABSURD!

After shooting the woman, Stephan tried to shoot another passerby, but his gun was locked again and he managed to escape.

Stephan then drove to another area and stopped at a kebab shop, where he hurled an explosive into the store and fatally shot a 20-year-old Muslim man.

Then an exchange of fire with the police follows and Stephan is wounded in the throat. Then followed a pursuit, during which Stephan shot another gentle man and caused an accident, which resulted in his capture.

Again we had to ask ourselves, how did you get from shooting the gentile to shooting gentlemen ????

The 5th suspicious thing …

How the Jews were presented in the press after the attack:

What the Jews did after the attack:

What to do … what else can they do besides celebrate the death of the Gentiles … as they did in the 9/11 attacks.

Reuters, whose editor-in-chief Stephen J Adler is Jewish, manipulates public opinion immediately after the attack, presenting the “extraordinarily hard” situation of Jews now “living in fear” of this incident. Reuters cites all members of the Jewish community in Germany blaming the Alternative Fur Deutschland political party for this attack. They named the chief culprit for Bjoern Hoecke, an Alternative Fur Deutschland member, as he appealed to schools in Germany, asking them to teach students about the large number of Germans killed in and immediately after the Second World War, because In Germany one of the most odious mass purges took place. The Jewish community in Germany said it was a personal affront to the Jews, especially since the Germans deserved to be exterminated.

However, the video above shows that the Jews are not scared, on the contrary they are extremely happy that two gentiles were killed. If the ‘survivors’ of the attack are to behave like that, he doesn’t even want to know how the rest of the Jews around the world celebrated.

All the international press is trying to exploit this senseless crime, in an attempt to convince the public to accept even more censorship and persecution of political dissidents who abide by the law criticizing immigration, Jewish power or the German government.

It is a catastrophe, writes for Spiegel Judanu Max Czollek, who has a doctorate in anti-Semitism. He demands beyond control through surveillance cameras and anti-fascist actions!

Another interesting thing is that this attack comes shortly after the attack by a police station in Paris, where a radicalized Muslim employee killed with a knife four colleagues, and after a truck attack by a Syrian migrant in Limburg, Germany , in which nine were injured. These news did not hold much attention in the press, but even the exact identity of the attackers was quite difficult, while in the case of the ‘attack’ in Halle, it was immediately known who the fantasy is and what the political affiliation is.

I have not heard anyone talk about how whites live in fear after countless such incidents, on the contrary, it is our fault every time that we are not tolerant, the idea that diversity is our power, and we are and taken rights. Moreover, we cannot say anything against the migrants or comment on the imperatives of the politicians who support mass migration, because we are put in jail.

Even now, an immigrant from a Muslim country has stabbed more people in Manchester recently. Strange is that his foot seems to indicate that he has white skin, Not only did they delay giving details about the attacker’s identity, but they also classified him as having mental problems. Of course, politicians haven’t been interested about the security of whites.

Strange how in the media only circulated the picture in which the girl is not seen.

But coming back to Halle, a lot of information came out that just before the attack took place, police exercises were scheduled, just like the rest of the attacks like this. From the 9/11 aviation exercises to the Christchurch police exercises, but they they were immediately deleted from the internet or disappeared from the local press. The exercises in Halle were anti-terrorist exercises, similar to those in Norway, during the attack by Anders Breivik and which was also a false attack. Not suspicious at all!

Those wooden doors from the synagogue could also be opened by a primary school child, it is not understandable how they could not be opened and how they were not locked from inside so quickly, or how the police did not come immediately to the synagogue, Stephan having time to turn around there at will, even shooting a gentile in the middle of the streets.

Whenever we are dealing with pseudo-attacks, we have featured in the press the heroes who stopped the attack or miraculously escaped. Great to be surprised if we do not have a screenplay about the heroine court who managed to lock the doors with chairs and thus protected the women and children in the synagogue, stopping the genocidal neo-Nazi! I think Netflix has already thought of everything …

Here is a frame from a video from a surveillance camera, filming that was given to the press:

Strategically there was a poster with Alternative Fur Deutschland. What a coincidence!

What attacks in Europe have you seen in the press?

The Jewish press wasted no time in reminding us that Jews everywhere are in great danger, being the main target of white nationalists!

This ‘attack’ appeared exactly when people began to find out that the Jews are behind the mass migration, but also before the information about the new wave of immigrants appeared in the press, which seems to exceed the one in the 2015.

And yet it is hard to understand how an attack on the Jews resulted in zero casualties among them … instead they were killed kindly. They laughed us in the face again, and they will laugh at us again.

As with other events like this, several attackers were reported in the press .. I saw this at Christchurhc, where it is clear that there was a person next to Tarant, and even a car disappears from the mosque court, and also at El Paso where 5 shooters were reported.

One by one this attack will remain in history as one of the most unfortunate attacks possible …

I have not found any evidence so far that Stephan belongs to the tribe of the “electors” .. only an extreme physical resemblance to the kike journalist Laura Loomer …

But honestly I would not be surprised, given that most of those who committed extremely publicized attacks are Jews .. including the attacker from El Paso, but also Tarant, which unfortunately was lifted in slavish by various right-wing publications. .

However, it would be clear that it was used and it is clear that this attack was known and we will pay for it, while the Jews will increasingly have more rights and protection. bigger…

The stupid Goyim condemns anti-Semitism, while the Jews plan and celebrate our extermination.

Original post: https://baricada.shitlordsorg.com/wp/2019/10/12/halle-nu-este-ceea-ce-ti-se-spune-in-presa/

2 thoughts on “Halle is not what you are told in the press

  1. A lot of this doesn’t add up.
    He has grenades. He cannot lob one through a synagogue window?
    Where did he get his ammunition? Is Germany like America, where bullets can be bought at major retail chains?
    Why did he use English at all?
    Why target a cemetery with explosives? A sledgehammer isn’t easier?
    Does he not know how to kick a door?
    And of course, as this very article asks, why is he killing non-kikes?

    One of these days the kikes are going to have an enemy who thought to bring a prybar, and then they’ll be in REAL trouble.

  2. This message goes out to Anon regarding his clip about the holocaust not happening and feminism being a western beginning. Yes I would befriend you any day. Though I do believe the holocaust happened and I believe in our movement then and now. Equality is the work of kikes and is destroying our race.

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