Germany = False Flag

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This idiot, Stephan Balliet, is single-handed the worst false flag ever. Watch the video. A man with no hands could have held on to the ammo better than him. He couldn’t even get through a wooden door. Imagine that Jews saved by wooden doors. Let’s look at this by the numbers.

As you can see the numbers 38 and 83 turn up a lot. This was a false flag staged by the Jew. The theme is to push anti-Semitism. This will bring even more draconian laws. Your 3D printer will be next as he used 3D printed guns. It’s in his “manifesto”. Linked below.

The Jew will come for your 3D printer

I am very new to these numbers and codes so I will link a great video to watch. It goes through all of it. Untill the next Jew false flag.

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  • Either false flag or immensely incompetent around firearms. Those gun control laws aren’t doing European men any favors at all by the looks of this.
    Also, does anyone find it odd when he decides he’s going to speak in English instead of German? I always found that strange and I’ve noticed it at a lot of protests overseas, too. It’s as if the English speaking parts of the world were the intended target audience.

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