Expose Your Nose Bullshit

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Expose your nose? Expose YOUR nose. Imagine being so fucking dumb where you live in a country with protected speech and then tell people who live in countries with criminalised speech to self dox. And if they don’t you sit on your high horse and call them larpers for protecting themselves. This is what Muh Fashy Bookshelf does. From now on called Muh Fashy Butsex. Or Muh Fedy Butsex for fed moves. This is no better than Cantwell, who by the way has doxxed another customer of his.

A quick run down of the consequences of the self dox because apparently some of you just don’t get it. A list of things to lose.






Lets go through and see what I have lost personally.

Banking – I have lost my PayPal and associated bank account for being Pro White and a nationalist.

Job – I have lost that too. Which where I live has made me virtually unemployable. Thankfully I have some, dwindling savings from work to keep me going for now. As a side note I am DAMN good at my chosen profession. So good in fact I have 3 awards for it. My life’s work gone for my views. 20 years of my life. My passion. Worked my way up from the bottom to the very top. All gone for telling the truth. In real life. Not on Bitchute. I get by doing bits and bobs and not hand outs. I have a roof over my head.

Friends – Lost many of them. No big deal. They know the truth from me and have no excuse. This is IRL friends too. People I have told the truth about Jews to face to face. Not Anons online but real people.

Family – The one that REALLY hurts. This is far more than I want to disclose but things need to be understood. The real dangers of “Exposing your nose”. I have done my part. I have a beautiful daughter and two wonderful grandchildren. Couldn’t ask for better. She has a great man by her side. Hard worker. But she has bought into the Globalist agenda. She knows full well my views as I never hid them. This has led to me not seeing them for a year. Not my decision. Oh sure I could live a lie and pretend nothing is wrong in Europa but I can’t/won’t live a lie. These are the real world consequences of being a Nationalist and Pro White. This is the biggest pain I live with EVERY day because I am active in real life and not just online.

Freedom – So far I have avoided jail. Others are not so lucky here in the land of hate speech. The UK wants to lock people up for 15 years for viewing “far right” https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/oct/03/amber-rudd-viewers-of-online-terrorist-material-face-15-years-in-jail While you sit there with free speech laws we only have hate speech laws and yet still post, make videos and talk to people online and IRL. Those of us over here risk far more than you will ever know. Which leads me onto the next part.

Life – The UK government will sentence you do death for bacon outside a building. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4075328/Man-jailed-leaving-bacon-sandwiched-outside-mosque-dead-prison-half-way-12-month-sentence.html Killed for upsetting sand niggers. Official bullshit is death by drugs but we know that is a lie. He was in a prison with a large muslim population. He was murdered.

So you sit there with all your laws protecting your speech while we have laws criminalising ours. Some of us have lost a lot and some will lose more. Even our lives. Yet you have the fucking cheek to demand that people show their faces. To claim they are larping if they don’t. Who the fuck do you think you are? Is this stoking some sort of misguided ego? This isn’t a dick measuring contest. People have very real and valid reasons for not showing their faces. If you are too fucking retarded to understand this that is your problem. Shaming people into showing their faces is a very scummy move.

I am done with you fagget. Pulling a fed/dick move like that is unforgivable. Arguments, disagreements and banter is one thing but to demand people put themselves in danger or they are not “real” is horrific.

Ignore his bullshit. Watch his videos fine but NEVER let him shame you into doxing yourself for his own ego.


  • Can’t say anything in the UK, what’s worse is whites policing other whites, getting offended on BAMEs behalf. Without freedom of speech, it’s pointless to give away the only protection we have, our anonymity
    – great piece 🙏🏻

  • Great White Durden

    My Faggy Boof-Shelf spews nothing but outright subversive ideas, defeatism and counter revolutionary bullshit. He goes out of his way to shit on large swaths of his supposed “allies”.

    This guy is FULL of bad takes. Self doxxing, anti-activism, constantly punching right………his only decent message is to have children, yet by his own admission he is raising his own children in a neighborhood full of non-whites. In an apartment building full of non whites. Seemingly blind to how this increases the chances of his children having non-white offspring, let alone the risk of them being assaulted or killed.
    The only reason this guys channel survives is because he has duped a number of reputable guests to interview like Tom Kawczynski, Greg Johnson, Billy Roper, etc
    He always brags about going “to the womens gym”, yet somehow his body shows no sign of it. Yes, you read that right, his body. See, this douchebag is always running around with his shirt off, shitty tattoos on full display, one of which is a tattoo that is allegedly the symbol of a Jewish prison gang that was formed to protect Jewish prisoners from White power prison gangs.

    If he’s not a fed, he sure af acts like one. The guy is a 40 year old felon who doesn’t even own a car, not exactly the kind of person these guys half his age should be taking advice from.


  • Great White Durden

    Muh faggy Boof Shelf spews nothing but subversion, ignorance, and counter revolutionary bullshit, not to mention his constant shitting on “allies”.

    This guy is the motherload of bad ideas. Im convinced he’s worse than Cantwell. Every opinion he has helps our enemies and hurts us. Doxx yourself, anti-activism, counter signaling…. I mean the one good idea he promotes, having children, is entirely clouded by the fact he is seemingly blind to the reality that living in a non white neighborhood (which he does), in a non-white apartment building (which he does), significantly increases the chances of his children producing non-white offspring, let alone the fact these children are being put in danger by constantly being forced to be in proximity to these animals, going to public schools where they are the only white child in there class.

    Boofshelf is a 40 year old felon who doesnt even own a car. Let that sink in.
    Yet somehow he thinks he is the guy to give life advice.

    This guy is always bragging about going to a womans gym, yet his body shows no sign of exercise. Yes, you read that right, his body. You see, this guy is constantly running around without a shirt on, his flabby body and shitty jailhouse tattoo’s on full display. Speaking of his tattoo’s, its been alleged that one of BoofShelfs tattoos is a symbol for a jewish prison gang which formed to protect jewish inmates from white power gangs.

    The only reason he’s survived is because he’s duped a few reputable people like Tom Kawczynski and Greg Johnson into doing interviews for him. This guy is a bad actor.
    If he’s not a shill being paid by the feds, he sure af acts like one.

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