Drama and Zionist Influence in the Alt-Right Movement

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That the alt-right is full of Jews, faggots, transsexuals, and all of society’s rejections do not be surprised. And if they do not fit into any of those categories, certainly the alt-right members are “former liberals” who “tasted the red pill”, like BakedAlaska, who worked for Vice.

For a pleasant reading I recommend the following song:

In short, alt-right is a bad joke, but unfortunately efficient, meant to create tension between Christians and Muslims, and to promote civic nationalism and homosexuality, distracting attention from the real problem: the Jew!

According to Jew and race mixing faggot, Milo Yiannopoulos, Tommy Robbinson, Jew, Mossad agent and great anti-Islamist fighter was left without tens of thousands of dollars. This money was made from donations of the fools who wanted to fund his tours, armored car, bodyguards, and cocaine.

The culprits are Caolan Robertson and George Llewelyn-John. They’re a gay-couple.

Now I’m unclear who this George is … a former trans-woman who now identifies himself as a man. And Caolan is homo. Caolan has worked for the media company that pretends to be alt-right, RebelMedia, owned by a Jew, Erza Levant. He posted on youtube a video of him crying showing why he left RebelMedia, a video full of lies and false accusations. I do not like Erza but I do not like the lies either.

On Twitter, homo-George describes himself as a liberal.

And homo-Caolan spreads Buzzfeed propaganda on Twitter, somehow Buzzfeed is on his side.

This homoglobo couple also produced the documentary of the Jewish Lauren Southern, Bortherless. I did not watch it, but I watched Lana’s comments from RedIce and Vlad from SquattingSlavTV. It was enough for me.
This gay couple has not only stolen money for alcohol and other homosexual entertainment in the most luxurious areas in London, but has collaborated for over a year with a Soros-funded extreme left organization Hope Not Hate. (if you saw it mentioned or posted through an article of mine, Sterie is responsible)
According to Milo, they are guilty of the following:
– They stole Bitcoins worth $ 20,000 when Tommy Robinson was in jail

– They’ve stolen the camera that they’ve exchanged with second-hand equipment
– They worked with the far-left organization Hope Not Hate, affiliated with ANTIFA.
– They stolen from Alex Jones too.
– They offered to Hope Not Hate the location of Tommy Robinson
– They offered Gavin McInnes’s location the same group
– While dealing with Milo’s PR, they created false email leaks, including the identity of Milo’s husband
– They’ve overwhelmed Lauren Southern
– A left-wing activist raped, of course the allegation proved to be false
– They changed the voices of the people who appeared in their records
– They told her everything they did to Lauren Southern, who encouraged them in their behavior
– They accused Lauren Southern and Tommy Robinson of being radicalized by the far right online

The Globohomo couple released a documentary on Freedom of Expression, You Can not Watch This! in which appear: Gavin McInnes, Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson and others. I mean, only Jews and gate-keepers for the Jews.

Even more fun, evergreen Lauren Southern also met with representatives of Hope not Hate when working with the Borderless couple.

Nigel Farage was forced to publicly apologize for naming Hope not Hate as a dangerous extremist group, and Jidanca Pamela Geller and crypto-jew Richard Spencer were banned from Britain at the request of Hope not Hate.

If you want to read the entire drama you can do it here -> here <-.

From my point of view, it is a very interesting drama, involving only Jews and people who protect Jews.

Caolan and Tommy are friends with Britain First, crypto-jews and Zionists.

Nick Griffin said very clearly that he was also offered money from the Zionists, they wanted constant criticism of Islam and absolute silence when it came to the banks they were conducting.

Here’s Nick’s 2013 statement: link

Tommy Robbinson

Tommy Robinson has emerged from nowhere. His name is Stephen Christopher Yaxley, (according to wikipedia, but we can not know 100%) and in an interview he said his parents were Irish immigrants. A beautiful story to be able to hide its origins.

He establishes in 2009 the EDL – English Defense League – after finding out that Islamists were recruiting fighters for the Taliban regime in his city.

Here is a series of scandals and arrests, including the harassment of a Syrian student who was unfairly accused by Tommy of having an immoral behavior towards a colleague. He went so far as to present unproven inventions. As a result, the Syrian student was attacked and terrorized, had a broken hand, was hospitalized, and his parents were forced to move from that area.

EDL was presented by Tommy Robinson as an anti-jihad movement of working class people. The truth is that EDL has been and is sponsored by Zionists, who poured tens of millions of pounds into this project. The only purpose of EDL is the pro-Israel struggle.

EDL has adopted from the outset Zionist techniques to create conflicts between Christians and Muslims. Many EDL members have received individual sponsorship and trips to Israel.

Even if Tommy Robinson left EDL in 2005, EDL continued his mission.

EDL also included Roberta Moore, a Brazilian janitor, who led the Jewish Division,

She retired from the EDL because “it was hijacked by the Nazis.”

Again a Jewish tactic that catches fools. When the world realizes connections to Israel or the Zionist policies, the Jews come with such tricks. So, a naive goy or a person of average intelligence will think that the move is what is now needed.

Tommy Robinson has close ties with Mossad, and even Mossad has prepared him to promote Zionist agenda and policies in the UK. Only in the beginning Tommy received half a million pounds for his activities on behalf of Israel.

There were rumors that Tommy Robinson has had a major cosmetic surgery to hide his physiognomy and seemed as aryan, and that his real name was Tobias Rubenstein of Israeli nationality. But nothing is clear, Israeli agents come very well hidden and always have false passports under different names and nationalities.

But what’s really interesting is that the EDL was also sponsored by very wealthy homosexuals who swarm into select circles. They see Islam as a major threat to their degenerate lifestyle. In the EDL, many Masons, some of the high degree, but also Satanists, have enrolled over time.

In 2018, when Tommy is arrested for violating a court decision, he is assisted and helped by Daniel Pipes, a globalist Zionist and his Zionist organization, the Middle East Forum. (MEF)

The MEF funded and organized the “Free Tommy Robinson!” Protests … and did not fund and run protests only in the UK but also in Texas and Israel.

Daniel Pipes is a member of the Council for Foreign Relations (Council on Foreign Relations).

While the gangs of Muslims who abused their children at Rochdale was still being written about, there were many people involved in trying to stop them and trying to force the police to get involved, both white and black and Indian and Muslim … Tommy Robinson only created a circus and to exploit the situation financially. Nazir Azfal was one of the people who got the most involved in this case, but he did not hear anything about him because he is a Muslim.

Let’s not forget that Tommy Robinson has been arrested a number of times, here are some examples: 2005 attack, 2012 entered the US with a false passport, 2014 for fraud where he was involved with someone in the Rothschilds and somehow was quickly taken out from prison and he was also arrested for posession and drug use.

One of the EDL leaders and a good friend with Tommy was arrested for kidnapping a schoolgirl and taking pictures of him when she was naked in the tub. This garbage organized anti-Muslim marchs and spread Zionist propaganda. link

And this is Milton Keynes, an old EDL member and a friend of Tommy, he was arrested for rape … he raped a child over 100 times. ( link )

And Stephen Lennon, co-founder of ELD, was arrested for pedophilia.

These people were fighting “for the white children”, fighting “against Muslim rapists.”

Tommy Robinson was badly promoted by Alex Jones after Alex Jones started making good money. And then Alex Jones started to support Trump and make lobbies for the Republican party. Coincidence??? And then Alex Jones began promoting the LARP of the century: qAnon.

And not only InfoWars promoted Tommy and gave it broadcast space, but also the Jewish agency RebelMedia, which is a Mossad brand project.

Stephen Lennon, a UKIP member, hired Tommy Robinson as a counselor, which led to Nigel Farage’s resignation. He was hired after another counselor, Vladimir Bukovsky, was arrested for downloading from the internet 20,000 pedophile images, almost all boys and sado-masochism practices. Vladimir Bukovsky said he had downloaded those images for research purposes and did not see that he did anything wrong because most boys seem to feel good about it.

And the scandals around Tommy seem to be over. One of his bodyguards was arrested for trying to kidnap a man he suspected stole 10,000 pounds of drugs from them. What was Tommy Robinson doing with 10,000 pounds of drugs?

Anyway, ten thousand pounds are all for Tommy Robinson …

Tommy has bought a 950,000-pound villa …. of the money received from the donations.

Tommy Robinson frequently met with Zionist religious leaders, especially with Father Gabriel Naddaf.

Let’s also see a picture from another angle to understand Gabriel Naddaf’s inspiration.

Father Naddaf has a poster with Menachem Begin.

Here’s a quote:

“Our breed is the superior breed. We are divine gods on this planet. We are different from inferior races because they are drawn from insects. In fact, compared to our race, the other breeds are beasts and animals, cows at best. The other breeds are considered a human excrement. Our role is to drive over inferior races. Our kingdom on earth will be led by our leader with a handful of iron. The masses will lick our shoes and serve us as slaves. ”

There is much to say about Tommy Robinson and his entourage, maybe we will give him his own full article in the future.


Lauren Southern / Simonsen

Lauren Southern is another plant that has emerged from nowhere.

Just like Tommy Robinson, she turned around in circles of Jews, Zionists, or controlled opposition: RebelMedia, InfoWars, is a good friend of Faith Goldie and the Jewish Stephen Molyneux (who denies that he is a Jew, but … )

All you need to know about Lauren is here, she admits that her family was called Simonsen and that they fled from Denmark because of the Nazis:


But she forgot in the meantime that she had said this, and when she was confronted, she vehemently denied it.

Lauren Simonsen speaks against Islam and never against Zionism or the Jews. She has done her best to ignore Everlasting involvement in her Borderless documentary.


Lauren would never betray the tribe.

Lauren has appeared in her short career as conservative and right wing. I say she was introduced because he announced that he is withdrawing.

She had a mixed race lover.

She made a live stream with a transsexual who was part of her group of activists, both of whom were very drunk: ( link )

Let’s not forget that she also constantly associated with another Jew, Stefan Molyneaux. He promoted Lauren intensely. Video here

He does not recognize that he is a Jew.

Many have a tendency to support Lauren and to attack absolutely anything negative about her because of the documentary made in South Africa, but also there as a true gatekeeper for the Jew did not talk about who really is behind the genocide of whites.

About South Africa I wrote here: link

Together, with or without the documentary, the situation of whites in South Africa has not changed much. And with that documentary she gained the trust of many. A very old manipulation technique.

The conclusion is sad, all these miseries that appear to be alt-right are Jews, homosexuals, Zionists or all three together.

Even the most well-paid activist in the world, Richard Spencer, who has earned $ 60 million in activism, has been blighted to be a Jew.

Another Jew in the community (((alt-right))) is the odious Felix Lace aka Black Pigeon Speaks, which DailyInformer’s Andrew Wang Lin has consistently promoted. In fact, they have a few things in common, both are very short and have a fetish of East Asian women, so they systematically denigrate white women. They also promote the MGTWO agenda, a kind of feminism for men. ( link )

All these people argue for the closure of the borders and constantly amplify the tensions between Christians and Muslims.

The borders were OK until the invasion, and it would be OK, if the army and the coastguard would do their job.

Before listening to any of the members of the community (((alt-right))), think that they most probably do not belong to our tribe and that they only aim for financial gains and the destruction of our race.

And think twice before tracking personalities from Romania that militate against Islam but embrace Judaism … most likely they do not belong to our tribe.

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