Death and Debt: Heartache By The Numbers

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America is a young country, but she has an interesting past, even if it’s a short one. Really, it’s the people who settled her that made it so interesting. Up until the 20th century there were parts of this country that would have been among the most dangerous and roughest parts of the planet.
Think I’m exaggerating? Go to a search engine and see what life in Montana would have been like in the 1890’s. Not that long ago in a historical sense. So the people who settled those lands had to be adventurous and tough. It made for a good foundational populace and probably would have benefited the Americans for centuries if they’d been able to secure their nation.
Unfortunately they were not and have instead become the preferred cudgel of International Finance. They’re ideal for that task, too. If you look at America’s military history, her defeats are political in origin. The American military has always performed admirably; I hope some day they fight their real enemies instead of their perceived ones.
This use of the American Military as a cudgel of finance goes back a long time, too and it is almost entirely against the will of the American people, the nation is a “Republic” only in name.
Does anyone REALLY think that any Americans are being represented in Washington D.C and not merely manipulated so that our desires will come to reflect the intended ends of those who’d already decided on an outcome?
There can’t be anyone left who is that naïve.
So, I went through the effort of digging into America’s wars, and so far as I can tell Americans last fought for their own interests during the Indian Wars.

To drum up paper sales for The New York Journal and scratch an itch some politicians had for interventionism, 3,000 of your Great Great Great Grandfathers were sent to die fighting Spain in the cane fields of Cuba. We gained Puerto Rico and the Philippines. Then we ended up having to engage in another military intervention in the Philippines, to the tune of 4,200 Americans dead (Moro Insurrection 1899-1913), but a lot of good that did us, because we ended up cutting them loose, anyway; and we should do the same to Puerto Rico.
Thousands of lives for two useless pieces of real estate we only used as a naval station and are inhabited by people we don’t want coming here; but look at all the newspapers the NYJ sold!

To protect J.P Morgan’s British War Bonds and other British investments, along with securing Palestine into the hands of International Jewry, 116,708 or your Great Great Grandfathers were sent to die fighting Germany in the trenches of France and Belgium. Read about the history of the Balfour Declaration to learn more about this.
Frankly, The Great War was both strange and depressing.
Some Brits like to jab at Americans telling them that they were “late” but it’s hard to be late to a fight that was never yours.

To protect the banking houses in The City of London (who feared the loss of their power represented by Fascism and National Socialism), and threatened shipping lanes in the Pacific, 407,316 of your Great Grandfathers were sent to die across North Africa, Europe and Asia. You didn’t REALLY think that we provoked Japan into declaring war, because we were oh-so-concerned about what they were doing in East China and then adopted a “Europe first” policy, because we were attacked by an Asian power, did you? Germany and Italy may have declared war, but they didn’t have the ability to back it up in any meaningful way. Certainly it didn’t justify fighting Italy in Africa to get to Germany, because Japan bombed us over an embargo and because we had been allowing American officers to resign their commission to serve as mercenaries to fight Japan over China. Read about the famous “Flying Tigers” to learn more about this.

Following this slaughter, most of two continents were simply tossed away as a gift to Communism, consigning your Grandfathers to lose 54,246 lives in Korea, and 47,378 lives in Vietnam; but look how much money DOW Chemicals made! DOW Chemicals, Colt, McDonald Douglas, Lockheed Martin, these were the REAL winners of Korea and Vietnam.
These Communists by the way? Their revolutions were funded by Jewish bankers from New York and London, and Jews made up the largest number of foreign volunteers. All Communism is Jewish in origin, even in Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Your Fathers lost 383 lives protecting Petroleum fields in Kuwait from a man who’d have been happy to sell it to us, and 26 lives so that shippers would have unfettered access to the Panama Canal, and to prop up a politician with CIA ties, by getting rid of a foreign leader who was very inconvenient for him.
In 1999 they also lost two lives in an accident and reduced decent people to rubble fighting to keep Kosovo Muslim. The state has since become a shelter for ISIS terrorists and Christian minorities live in fear, but to here Wesley Clark’s explanation, multiculturalism was really, REALLY important for moving into the 21st century, for some reason he never quite got around to describing.

We’ve lost 4,424 of our brothers defending access to oil fields in Iraq and 2,374 (or maybe more, by this point) defending a planned natural gas pipeline and Opium Poppy fields in Afghanistan. But I suppose Raytheon, KBR, Haliburton and General Atomic’s profit margins justified this. Toppling Saddam in Iraq also improved Israel’s security situation, in fact Israel has been the SOLE nation to benefit from American interventions in the Middle East. Certainly it hasn’t made life better for the millions of civilians caught up in the conflagration, or in the thousands of men and women whose bodies were mangled or whose lives were ended by these adventures.

We lost two US personnel and thousands of civilians in Libya toppling a regime which had the audacity to try to create a currency backed by precious metals, perhaps not understanding that the Jews who control the international banking racket are really protective of their usury scheme.
This of course has resulted in the havoc and hell which have plagued Europe ever since. “Refugees” who have been murdering and raping the daughters of Europe ever since the one man holding them back was removed.
I don’t know if that was a deliberate effect, but the Jews have been notably happy about it, going so far as to aid them in crossing the Mediterranean; but then, they’ve always been a race of traitors, so this came as no surprise.

Just imagine what great places our sons can be sent to die in, next!
Incidentally, we are still paying for our own Civil War (1861-1865) and every war in between. Just two of these wars (Iraq and Afghanistan) account for 2 Trillion Dollars of our nation’s debt. “Trillion” used to be a number I associated with the distances between stars, now I have to think of it in terms of my nation’s debt to usurers who literally created that money from nothing and backed by nothing.
Multigenerational warfare, with our sons being sent by their fathers to go fight the wars of a clique of rootless cosmopolitan butchers driven by greed and a feckless desire to reshape a world to a mold that it does not belong in.
Debt and Death. These are the promises of “Democracy”.

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