Brexit or There Is No Political Solution

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How did we get here? Let's first assume the referendum was a free and fair vote not rigged by the UK government and the EU. I will list off the most important points in the shitshow called Brexit. Obviously we start with the vote itself.

On the 23 June 2016 the UK, in the largest turnout ever for a vote, voted by 51.9% to 48.1% to leave the EU. it was a very simple decision. Just two options to consider. Remain in the EU or Leave the EU. There was no vote for a "deal". Just In or Out. Cameron himself said this. Watch the following video.

"It will be an In/Out referendum". These are his words. This is what they told the British public. This is what we voted on. Nothing else. In or Out. We voted OUT. Then the shit hit the fan. They thought we would vote to Remain. That we would side with the EU over the UK. they were wrong and panicked. What followed was 3 years of parliament, the EU, foreigners, 650 MPs and whole host of others embarking on a mission to subvert and overturn the very clear and direct will of the British public.

After the vote David Cameron resigned as PM and Conservative leader. So the search for a new leader was on. A leader to actually take us out of the EU. This is not a hard thing to do. Yet the traitorous Tories managed it. In a one horse race, very similar to their masters in the EU, they elected Theresa May to PM and gave her the task of getting the UK out of the EU.

If you couldn't see the complete farce that was about to happen then there is no hope for you. 13 July 2016 Remain backing Theresa May walks into to Downing Street. The lies and subversion begin immediately. She claims she is committed to delivering the will of the people. Over 3 years later and nothing has changed. The UK is still a very real member of the EU. Spoiler alert for those not paying attention. We will NEVER leave either. While the Tories were about to transform into a clown outfit, more than usual, there were many attempts to stop and overturn the vote. We will focus on the most prolific one here.

Gina Miller. A Guyanese non Brit took it upon herself to stop Brexit. This foreigner in June 2016 tried to stop the government from triggering Article 50. She dressed it up in fancy bullshit but the motivation was to subvert the British people and keep us in the EU. She claims to be acting alone but is this true? Of course not. She is backed and funded by George Soros. In 2017 Miller set up the Best For Britain group. Dedicated to stopping Brexit. They are directly funded by George Soros through his Open Society Foundation. He gave them £800,000 in funds. So we have a foreigner financed by a Jew to subvert the democratic process in the UK. this an all too familiar story in the West.

So back to the clown called Theresa May. 17 January 2017 she claims Brexit Means Brexit. Here she lays out her plan to "leave" the EU. this is of course rubbish as we know she bows to the EU. May said that remaining in the single market would mean being bound by EU laws, which “to all intents and purposes, would mean not leaving the EU at all”. This is true but is this what we got? Ha Ha Ha. Then on the 29th March 2017 May the Clown officially triggers Article 50. This is the ONLY way to leave the EU and gives you a two-year window. So that means at 11PM on the 29th March 2019 the UK leaves the EU. May, with a majority in parliament, then calls for a snap election on 8 June 2017. Big brain time. She loses her majority, didn't see that coming, and returns to parliament weaker than before the election. This effectively means that she cannot pass any deal to leave the EU inparliament.

What follows is two years of May bending over and taking it up the arse from the EU.....sorry, seriously negotiating with the EU so we can leave on favourable terms. All the while knowing that parliament well NEVER allow any sort of deal. I bet that majority looks good now now eh love.

Fast forward and something that no one saw coming the UK woke up on the 30th March still in the EU. May had gone and sucked cock..... sorry graciously asked the EU for an extension to Brexit. This was so she could pass her deal that no one, Leave or Remain wanted, and that parliament was never going to vote for. So Brexit got pushed back to 31st October 2019. May resigned as she couldn't do the job she wasn't even pretending to do. She cried no one gave a fuck. The Tories then went full retard.

The age of Boris was thrust upon a broken and battered Britain. The 1/4 Jewish buffoon was Prime Minister and tasked with finally delivering Brexit. Anyone like to take a guess how that went? Hint: not well. He commits to delivering Brexit at ALL costs. Well, the all costs bit is right. Parliament, horrified that an MP actually wants to do what the people told them to do, votes to take control of parliament. They then force him to seek YET another extension if he cant pass a deal. Of course he can't pass a deal. No one in parliament wants a deal. So he suspended - or prorogued - Parliament for five weeks. This cause much butthurt and of course the courts were involved again. The Scottish court ruled it was illegal and today, as of publishing this article, the Supreme Court has also ruled it illegal. This means parliament goes back on 24th September ( tomorrow ) and they will force an extension until the end of january. Yet more delays and subversion.

So after over 3 years we are nowhere near leaving the EU. There will be a huge push for a second referendum which remain will win. The result will then be respected and acted upon. All this should show you that the political system is rigged in their favour. No matter what you voted for, Leave or remain, the traitors in Westminster will ignore you and do what they want. Their only thought is for themselves. They care not about you. this system will never work for us. This System needs to be torn down and replaced.



  • The EU has history of making em vote til they get the result they want, we’re just next in a long list. And want will the UK do? Nothing, by the time this is dragged out folk will be sick of it and another generation of brainwashed sheep coupled with our replacements will sway this great thing called democracy, as we lose more of our older patriotic brothers and sisters with the passing of time – something we don’t have much of.
    Sorry for the black pill frens 🙏🏻

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