About Shitlords Org

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This site was born out of the current climate of censorship on social media. We are a group of Nationalists from around the world that first met on Minds. We have been on other sites but find them to be lacking or close down. But it was time for us to have our own site too. A place we can call home. This site is owned by me 8Bit-Kek and /mygirl/ Minura. Here we will share articles and news stories. Upload memes and videos.

The forum is a place for us all to meet and chat. Zero censorship post what you want. One exception will be CP. MNR now also has her own Romanian site. https://baricada.shitlordsorg.com/

Join us on our journey as we redpill and tackle the JQ. We live in exciting times. The future belongs to us.