A Happening On Yom Kippur

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Germany. Today. Gun man kills two and injures more at a shooting in Halle. Reports of a second shooting are not confirmed. Time will tell if this is real or another fake.

Is this a saint of Boogaloo or just another plant? Two killed near a synagogue. Reports of more than one person involved.

Updates to follow

Attacker apparently has a mp and grenades. One person has been arrested but other suspects have fled the area. The second shooting in Landsberg has not been confirmed as related. A Turkish kebab shop was opened fired upon and a grenade was thrown into a Jewish cemetary.

Shooter. Now who is he?


  • Rocking a Tommy gun 👌🏻

    • Lets hope its real and not another fake like Christchurch

    • Not a Thomson. Looks like that Finnish Suomi KP/31 or a Soviet PPSh-41.
      I’m disappointed by the low body count. He probably should have saved the grenade for the synagogue. If he’d just taped some nails around it and chucked it through a window, it’d have done a lot for his cause. The cemetery is a waste of a target. He could have vandalized that with a common sledgehammer and probably have gotten away with it, if he’d timed it right.
      I’m not sure if this is real, or if it’s just a small false-flag attack meant to justify a government crackdown or intended to hurt AfD.

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