RIP Natalie2000

Hits: 261Shitlords Org mourns the passing of our fren Natalie2000. A true nationalist and fighter. She loved her country and Volk. An admin and well loved member of the Fashington Post on Minds. Natalie ws the cousin of Ebba Ã…kerlund. Natalie had a fun spirit and was in love with British Morris Dancing after … Read moreRIP Natalie2000

Halle is not what you are told in the press

Hits: 131Before you go through the article, you need to look at the entire attack, which was broadcast live on Twitch:!kfhi0IxY!vQOpr72ufgEtdpmoctC36OVD3n0iDL7-p3oXTRRvxQ0 Key: vQOpr72ufgEtdpmoctC36OVD3n0iDL7-p3oXTRRvxQ0 The attack took place on October 9, during the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur, considered the most holy feast of the Jews, in the city of Halle in East Germany, in an … Read moreHalle is not what you are told in the press

Death and Debt: Heartache By The Numbers

Hits: 40America is a young country, but she has an interesting past, even if it’s a short one. Really, it’s the people who settled her that made it so interesting. Up until the 20th century there were parts of this country that would have been among the most dangerous and roughest parts of the planet. … Read moreDeath and Debt: Heartache By The Numbers